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Dr. David SandsDr. David Sands FCFBA - Scientific Advisor

Dr David Sands is a human-companion animal practitioner at the Animal Behavioural Clinic founded in 1995 and based at Chorley, in Lancashire. The clinic specialises in the treatment of behavioural problems displayed by dogs, cats, birds, horses and even exotic species. He is an internationally established animal-related author and photographer having also researched ‘human psychology’ and zoology. David gained his doctorate in ethology (animal psychology) at the Faculty of Science, Liverpool University for studies on colour-pattern sharing in Amazon callichthyid species. He is a Fellow of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association (CFBA) and the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB).


As a freelance animal behaviourist/pet/media specialist, David's work has featured in several UK television documentaries and programmes and he regularly contributes to UK TV and Radio news on related human and pet companionship subjects.

As a presenter and behaviour specialist David has featured in BBC 999 Rescue (What to do in the event of a dog attack), Pet Rescue, Granada TV series, ‘The Pet Set’ and the Animal Planet/Channel 5 series, ‘Britain's Worst Pet’ working alongside TV vet Trude Mostue. David researched and presented the remarkable documentary, ‘The Suicide Bridge Dogs’ about the many dogs that have died leaping off a gothic bridge in Scotland, screened by Channel 5.


David has scripted many animal information videos on small animals, dogs and cats and contributed to and written many books including: Cats and Kittens, Dogs and Puppies and, ‘To The Rescue - Dogs, ‘To The Rescue - Cats’, (guides to providing a rescue or re-homed dog or cat a new life).

David authored the ‘Family Dog book’ (Collins) and the ‘Encyclopaedia of the Family Cat’ (Collins) and breed book, The German Shepherd Dog ‘Care and Behaviour’ (Crowood Press). His latest feline research, 500 questions: CATS is about cats and behaviour’ (Hamlyn/Octopus) and has been translated into several languages.

An extensive review of canine behaviour, 'Know your dog' was published in 2008 by Hamlyn/Octopus (Europe) and Readers Digest (USA) Fall River Press (Canada). This large book includes all the latest information to help readers, owners and researchers understand 'companion dog' behaviour. A special pocket dog book of canine brain games for mongrels and pedigree and working breeds, 75 Games to play with your dog (Hamlyn/Octopus 2009) was published in association with the DogsTrust.

David can be contacted by email at drdavidsands@aol.com or by telephone/fax 01257 249960 mobile 07798 556598 www.youtube.com/drdavidsands

Dr David Sands

Registered practitioners of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association

The Animal Behaviour Clinic

127 Blackburn Rd

Heapey Chorley

Lancashire UK


Telephone 01257 249960

Mobile 07798 556598

e-mail drdavidsands@aol.com

My current books in print:

Games to Play with your dog (2009 Hamlyn) Know your Dog and 500 Questions CATS

Log on to our Web site for details of the clinic, special offers books and media information www.problempets.co.uk

Visit www.youtube.com/drdavidsands to see my TV clips

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