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By joining the PETbc you acknowledge that your organisation agrees to and will abide by the aims and objectives of the Council

This agreement is a statement of the PETbc’s commitment to bring member and training organisations in the Pet Education, Training and Behaviour services sector together for their benefit and the benefit of members’ clients and their pets using the services provided by professionals working in the sector.

The Pet Education, Training and Behaviour Council is committed to providing excellent practice, education and training through its member organisations and to encourage a high standard of learning and education for the ultimate benefit of pet animals and their owners.

A major objective of PETbc is to enable the sector to speak with one voice to government, local authorities and non-governmental organisations including charities and all other relevant associations.

The PETbc recognises that the future wellbeing and good social adjustment of working dogs, pet dogs and other pets in the community is dependent on the contribution that each PETbc member association makes to supporting and delivering high quality services.

Each member organisation is expected to have a Code of Practice acceptable to PETbc to which their members are expected to adhere. The objectives of member organisations should be to develop a reputation for quality and ethical behaviour so that they can be justifiably proud of their achievements and the achievements of their individual members or students.

The PETbc encourages all members to develop a clear statement of the ethical principles, obligations and standards that support their daily work in the animal care sector.

The PETbc has the following commitments:

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