PETbc 101 Advanced Canine Behaviour and Psychology Diploma

5 Modules plus a work based learning Professional Practice Profile (PPP)

PPP Overview: A model of work-based learning is illustrated combining explicit and tacit forms of knowing and theory and practice types of learning at both individual and collective levels. The WBL course is designed to bring together contributions which are typically studied in isolation. The learning types produced from the WBL represent processes which can contribute to the development of a comprehensive vocational and academic study through learning and work, combined.

This work based learning module PPP contains the below content.

  • Assessment of courses completed as above in first paragraph with your course provide prior to enrolling on this module.
  • Laws appertaining to dogs and their lawful place in society.
  • Your reflective learning and programme
  • Workshop Based and Distance Learning attended to date
  • Your practical experience applied in the field to date

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