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Ross McCarthy Receives PETbc Award

Ross McCarthy MA FCFBA MGODT has been awarded the Petbc Pet Education & Training Behaviour Council Award for outstanding teaching and development of canine curriculum’s and professional practice courses…Read More

Bradshaw’s Theories Unpicked by Sue Gilmore

The thrust of Bradshaw’s theories is unpicked with literary dexterity and systematically dismantled referencing scientific evidence to discredit the weakness of Bradshaw’s elitist assertions. …Read More

Recent Organisational Developments in Dog Training and Behaviour Modification by David Cavill

What they found confirmed what many of us involved in the periphery of dog training and behaviour modification already knew to be the case: the situation, which had been described by many commentators including myself, was ‘chaotic’ …Read More

Background to the formation of the PETbc by David Cavill

I can teach dogs to sit, catch, jump over things and walk on a loose lead (despite what you may have seen the show ring!) and over the years through my many friendships in the world of training and behaviour I have learned a great deal. …Read More

An Outrageous and Unnecessary Proposal by David Cavill

It seems that everyone is jumping on the canine band wagon in attempts to make money or control us. In the last eighteen months we have had the Kennel Club, the Department of the Environment  Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and The Home Office all tinkering…Read More

Michael Gove MP Explains the Future of Vocational Education

As this incredible setting shows – more like a Bond villain’s lair than anywhere I’ve ever spoken before – McLaren are world leaders in technological innovation; constantly and quite literally reinventing the wheel, to make it ever faster, ever more aerodynamic, ever more efficient…Read More