Pet Education, Training & Behaviour Council

Course Partners

What does it mean to be a PETbc Education Partner?

PETbc Education Partners are:

  • Leaders
  • Trusted voices
  • Reputable providers of courses in specific pet care and education

Wide-reaching corporate recognition:

  • Immediate and leveraged brand visibility to all partners
  • Promotion on the partner web site website
  • Recognition of specialised canine discipline contributions

The PETbc Education Partner network offers the resources, knowledge and skills to produce outstanding Canine & Feline Behaviour, Psychology and Training courses, with special interest in ancillary pets too – it is Britain’s Leader and largest accredited course provider too. PETbc will highlight and promote our partners’ work and ethos for the benefit of the pet owning public. We have a world class reputation in all the aforementioned disciplines through our education course providers.

The PETbc works in partnership to develop centres of teaching and learning excellence, providing high quality education and practical training for teachers. Through a bespoke and flexible approach, PETbc provides continuing professional development for teachers to inspire the next generation.

PETbc Education Work Based Learning Diplomas
Being at the forefront in a specialist field of education, the PETbc Professional Practice Profile modules in canine and feline behaviour set the standard. Course providers affiliated to the PETbc assure the highest standards of education and work based learning modules, commensurate with the demands of a potentially multi-million pound growth industry. Membership of the PETbc is a coveted standard conferred only upon organisations that meet the quality assured status demanded.