Pet Education, Training & Behaviour Council

Estella Vaz

PETbc Chairwoman, PhD, BSc, MRSC, MGoDT

Estella lives in Leicestershire where she earned a BSc from DeMontfort University and a PhD in organic chemistry from Loughborough University. Results of Estella’s PhD led to the publication of articles in scientific journals.

Estella started her career as a quality assurance professional in the global healthcare and device industry where she gained detailed knowledge of specific quality systems.

She acquired extensive knowledge of the main disciplines within the industry including technical support for all stages of development. Estella also efficiently managed health authority inspections, customer audits, and technical meetings to provide quality support to projects. Estella developed a training manual as well as programmes to train a group in all required company and global procedures and regulations.

After gaining multiple qualifications from the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training, Estella started her own canine practice (Doggie Delinquents) providing behavioural consultation and 1:1 dog training instruction. She volunteers at a local dog training school as a dog training instructor. Estella also volunteers as an assistant behaviour assessor (working alongside the main assessor) at a local rescue kennels where dogs are temperament and behaviour assessed before re-homing.

Estella is a Member of The Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC) and Dog Trainer Member of the Guild of Dog Trainers (MGoDT).

Estella Vaz PhD, BSc, MRSC, MGoDT