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Maureen Johnson

Maureen Johnson – Education Adviser

Maureen has lectured on criminal law at the University of Hertfordshire for the past thirteen years. She is team leader of both the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching teams and has recently published a ‘beginners guide’ to criminal law.

She has both an LL.B and an LL.M and is currently completing a PhD at Durham University. Maureen lectures internationally on all aspects of crime and regularly publishes papers in academic journals and edited text books. She is passionate about the concept of individual justice and the flexible application of English law, particularly where criminal and civil law meet. She feels that the area of law applying to dogs is currently undergoing great reform, and care is needed that the country does not end up with ill thought out statute that will not fulfil its purpose of protecting all parties against injustice.

Maureen shares her home with five dogs – two of them rescue, six tortoises, a budgie and an African Land snail, and her garden with six ex-battery hens’.

Maureen Johnson - Education Adviser