Pet Education, Training & Behaviour Council

Member Status

Pet Behaviour & Training Education Associations
PETbc publishes news bulletins to keep you abreast of national or government developments in the education courses providers and dog behaviour organisation when pertinent. Members also receive an annual report on PETbc activities.

Promotes your organisation in the UK and abroad
Meet other member organisation heads for discussion, exchange of ideas and networking for member organisations. Make contacts and friends across Europe that can be useful in interpreting attitudes and sharing knowledge.

Annual Meeting
Attend the PETbc annual meeting at a place to be discussed. These celebrate past and co-ordinate future activity.

The PETbc logo
Displaying the PETbc logo indicates that a member abides by an agreed code of ethics and rules for their organisation. Its use is encouraged on letterheads, business cards, web sites and other communication media.

PETbc Continuing Professional Development Standards
The knowledge and understanding necessary to perform effectively in leading an educational institution can be demonstrated by meeting the PETbc CPD Standards.

1. Create a culture that encourages best practice in education

  • Communicate the value the organisation places on education
  • Support creativity, innovation and practical work
  • Publicise individual and collective achievements

2. Lead the organisation’s educational vision, strategy and objectives

  • Secure commitment to the development of the organisation’s vision
  • Develop the organisation’s education strategy
  • Communicate the organisation’s objectives
  • Review the organisation’s vision and objectives