Pet Education, Training & Behaviour Council


The purpose of the PETbc is to recognise and promote excellence at all levels of education in pet psychology, behaviour training and welfare up to university educational level and be especially active with regard to dog training and behaviour courses operated by respected UK organisations with a history of delivering the highest standard of educational courses whether practical training and theory is combined or separate.

All accredited and suitably operated pet care and welfare courses can be found on our member web sites. Excellence may be demonstrated in any instructional setting, including classroom instruction, training centre or seminar teaching, research mentoring and instruction, continuing education, community-based instructional settings or electronically mediated teaching and learning.

PETbc and its members may also initiate or promote curricular and faculty development, new educational programs, individual or collaborative educational research, scholarship and innovative methods of teaching, where appropriate subject to the terms of course accreditation. It will also provide a forum for those in the forefront of pet educational thinking and development. PETbc aims to be an open, democratic and participatory UK and European organisation, founded on shared values of openness to other points of view, dialogue and mutual respect. Utilising a ‘one member one vote’ system, resolutions being approved by a two-thirds majority.