Pet Education, Training & Behaviour Council


Since its foundation the PETbc has been committed to excellence in canine behaviour and dog training provision.

There are numerous dog training and behaviour education organisations in the UK. They vary in competence, ability and recognition. The PETbc has set the national standards incorporated in the Roles within this web site. Only course providers and associations/organisations recognised by the PETbc are approved nationally in the UK. Any organisation not a member of the PETbc is not recognised. The PETbc was the first organisation in the UK to be approved by Sir Colin Spending representing the Companion Animal Welfare Council following his inquiry into the industry.

The PETbc knowledge base is unequalled in the UK and the first to set down in detail the Roles covering all training and behaviour standards for organisations in the UK.

The majority of courses provided for canine behaviour practitioners are not regulated by statute, however, practitioners would be expected to be a member of a reputable independent regulatory body, which has set standards for qualifications, codes of practice and to meet public indemnity insurance requirements. The PETbc has done this and set the standard for the industry.

Membership Requirements and Training
Regulation: The Government has no current plans to extend statutory regulation to pet canine professions, such as canine behaviour, training or general pet training. It encourages organisations like the PETbc to work towards voluntary self-regulation.

At present there is more scope for PETbc recognised professionals to develop a private sector career that includes providing services to rescue centres, other related canine industries and self-employment: People who provide specialised pet services.